Quotes from Meredith, Apollinaire, and Delors

From Fables about Error

What is as wrong as the uninstructed heart? Left to its ends, it clutches things and creatures That can’t be held, or held, will slip their natures; It lives to hoard or to protect a hoard. To school, to school! Teach the poor organ skill That all its ignorant, nervous will Does not unpage us like old calendars. A life should be all gathering and art.

Let there be academies of everything, That the trap in the warm kitchen yield to guile, That grackles leave a fire single file And swallows find their true halves the first spring. The mind should be, like art, a gathering Where the red heart that fumes in the chest Saying kill, kill, kill or love, love, love, Gentled of the need to be possessed, Can study a little the things that it dreams of.

–William Meredith There is a need for urgency, for history does not wait.

–Jacques Delors, “A Necessary Union” (in Nelsen & Stubb, eds., The European Union: Readings on the Theory and Practice of European Integration)

From Rhenish Night

My glass is filled with a wine that trembles like flame.

–Guillaume Apollinaire (tr. William Meredith)

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