Recent posts on education at Wide Awake Minds

A few of my recent posts at Wide Awake Minds, in case you missed them:

-A few of the things you can do in a great university, in which I argue that if students want to make the most of their school years in general and their college years in particular, they must take ownership of their education and elect to do what is difficult. I propose a few of the ways in which college students can do so.

-Thinking critically about critical pedagogy, in which I encourage my readers to recognize the reality and complexity of cultural and institutional racism, but also to think critically about the theoretical lenses of critical pedagogy (a framework aimed at correcting racism and other power disparities). This post sparked a great discussion in the comment section as well as some fruitful email exchanges.

-Beyond “preparing our kids for 21st-century jobs” - a call to do away with sloganeering about education as job-preparation, and a brief sketch of the case for universal liberal education.

-Ideas about education from Deborah Meier, one of the greatest progressive educators of our time.

-On language learning textbooks - A personal account of my love of language learning textbooks, and what I have learned from them about how and why we should learn world languages.

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