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I’ve created somewhat elaborate spreadsheets to rank NHL, NCAA Men’s Basketball and Football, and NFL teams by averaging a number of basic and advanced statistics as well as power rankings produced by various experts. The NHL playoffs start tonight. Here is (1) how my spreadsheet ranks all of the teams in the lead, and (2) my predictions for what will happen in the playoffs: NHL Power Rankings, 2016-17 (end of regular season) Washington Montreal Chicago Columbus Pittsburgh Minnesota San Jose Edmonton Anaheim Boston Nashville NY Rangers St.


Here is a slimmed-down version of today’s excellent opinion from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals refusing to remove the nationwide injunction temporarily stopping Trump’s Executive Order on immigration. That order bars people from seven predominately Muslim countries on the basis of their nationality and religion. I explained in an op-ed yesterday why I think the order is unconstitutional. You can read the full Ninth Circuit opinion here; the version below includes most of the opinion but strips out most of the procedural discussions, including the discussions of whether the States of Washington and Minnesota had standing to sue.


My op-ed explaining why President Trump’s travel ban is unconstitutional appeared today in The Independent.

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UPDATE: I devoted most of my nights and weekends this year to building the program described below with the help of Kostyantyn Grinchenko, an excellent Ukrainian freelance developer. Then, after realizing that we had stumbled upon a breakthrough idea that could revolutionize language learning and help many people become fluent readers of their target language, I assembled a remote team of freelance and volunteer developers, designers, native-speaker audio recorders, and translators to help me develop it into a webapp (and future mobile app): WordBrewery.


I wrote a complete version of this post a couple of days ago on a plane, but somehow lost the file. But then, I am writing this in part to fix it in my memory and build my understanding, so there’s no harm in writing it again. Below is what I have gleaned about basic blackjack strategy, primarily from two sources: the iPhone app Blackjack 101 Free and the book The Most Powerful Blackjack Manual by Jay Moore.


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